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Ever wanted to know what it really feels like to fly a jet aircraft? Now you can on a wide range of Airbus and Boeing Full – Motion flight simulators. It is not often the general public can get their hands on an ultra realistic flight simulator but Jet Simulation has made the dreams of many people come true by giving them the chance to fly a modern airliner. 

Jet Simulation’s commercially-trained pilots have the experience and expertise to introduce you to the world of aviation, putting you in control of an ultra-realistic £10 million full motion simulator at an affordable price. You will experience everything you would on a real modern airliner – every bump, jolt and rumble in an experience tailored to you.

Flight Simulator Experiences
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Boeing Airbus Flight simulators.

Flight Simulator Training

Professional pilots can choose from a wide range of Flight Simulator Training packages. Our experienced instructors and examiners have been handpicked to train you. Whether you need to prepare for a simulator assessment, revalidate your license, complete a Jet Orientation Courses or just need a bit of practice; we are on hand to design a tailored session specifically for you.

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Boeing Airbus Flight simulators.

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My Pilot Training Experience
Posted 8 Apr 2014 by neil

My Pilot Training Experience

After completing my Mathematics degrees I decided on making my lifelong dream to become a pilot a reality. I attended many open days with different training companies and from this I decided to train with CTC Aviation. They provide integrated course training which involves completing ATPL exams, CPL skills test ...
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...Just dropping you a quick email to say that I passed the Norwegian selection and am just en-route to Oslo for my second week of the conversion course.

The sim check went well and was a little easier than I prepared for, as we were allowed to use the automatics for a decent proportion of the time. But, there is no doubt in my mind that the sim session with you had a big influence over the result, as I'd never flown the classic before...

-Captain Neil Waterton


Airbus and Boeing Full motion flight simulator experiences for the general public.

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Professional Pilots

Full Motion and Fixed Base simulator assessment training

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