A320 Airbus Flight Simulator | London Gatwick | Burgess Hill | Southampton | Manchester

The A320 is a short to medium range narrow body jet designed to carry up to 185 passengers per aircraft. On some variants like the A321 this can go up to 220. It first started flying in 1988 and today it is one of the most popular aircraft to fly within Europe. Airbus secured a deal which at the time was the biggest aircraft order in history of 180 A20 aircrafts to one airline. This would bring the total aircraft orders of all the variants to over 8,500 aircraft worldwide!

The A320 is manufactured by sections in a number or different countries such as France, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain and each section is then either flown, driven or shipped to either Hamburg or Toulouse for final assembly. It’s the first ever civilian aircraft to use “Fly by Wire” technology which means the pilots input on the controls go to a computer, and then the computer carries out the movement on the control surfaces. This technology can be experienced during our full motion Flight Simulator Experiences. The A320 is also the first passenger aircraft in the world to incorporate the novel side stick control system rather than the traditional yoke control wheel, giving the pilots space to even cross their legs and fly!

Today although the aircraft systems are relatively old, the technology is so advanced that very little has changed in the systems and the way pilots operate the aircraft! Airlines have so much trust in the aircraft that many have been known to replace their entire fleet with the A320 family due to how efficient and reliable it is.

Southampton - Full Motion Level D: Airbus A318/19/20/21 | Fixed Base Level C With Motion Off: A318/19/20/21

London Gatwick (Crawley) - Full Motion Level D: Airbus A318/19/20/21

Burgess Hill (Near Gatwick, London) - Full Motion Level D: Airbus A318/19/20/21 | Fixed Base Level D With Motion Off: A318/19/20/21

Manchester - Full Motion Level D: Airbus A318/19/20/21