Boeing 747 Flight Simulator | Gatwick, London UK

The Boeing 747, better known as “The Jumbo Jet” has been regarded world wide as the Queen of the skies. It was also the first aircraft in the world to be able to carry more than 500 passengers per flight! With the first order in 1966 for the -100 series to Pan Am, today close to 2000 orders have been placed for the aircraft.

With over 6 million parts and 171 miles of wiring, the 747-400 can really be regarded as an HGV of the skies. It even has 18 wheels on the landing gear! To put it into perspective, the 747-400 is the same height as a six story building. If the Wright brothers were to perform the first ever flight by man inside the 747, they would be able to do it within the typical economy section. The Boeing 747 is available for Pilot simulator assessment preparation packages along with the other full motion flight simulators.

The 747 fleet has flown over 48 billion miles, the same as 101,500 trips to the moon and back. It has flown over 3.5 billion people; the equivalent of more than 50% of the world’s population. The 747-400 typically takes off at 180mph and lands at 160mph. Just imagine what it’s like to land such a huge bird on a strip of runway at that speed! On a typical international flight, one 747 aircraft would use around 5.5 tons of food. The aircraft can carry 176 tons of fuel which will allow it to fly distances such as from Los Angeles to Melbourne and will usually burn through 10 tons per hour.

Burgess Hill (Near Gatwick, London) - Full Motion Level D Boeing 747-400