Boeing 757 Flight Simulator | Gatwick, London UK

The Boeing 757 is a medium-range, narrow body, midsized, transcontinental commercial passenger airplane. It was designed for Eastern Airlines and British Airways to replace the Boeing 727, entering service in 1983 and is still the largest single isle passenger aircraft Boeing have built. Production of the 757 ended in October, 2004, after 1,050 had been built. The new generation of 737-900 have slowly being replacing the 757’s and even though they do not have the same endurance, they can still reach 90% of the 757’s routes to service Boeing’s niche market. Currently the majority of Boeing 757’s are flown on domestic routes within the United States, with Delta Airlines having the largest operator of 185 Boeing 757 aircraft. 

Till date the Boeing 757 has carried over 1.3 Billion passengers across the world, more than four times the population of the United States and Canada combined. During the last 18 years the Boeing 757 fleet has flown the equivalent of 25,000 round trips to the moon and back lasting over 24 Million hours of service (the same as 2,750 years of continues flying!). The freighter version has enough space within it to carry over six Million golf balls! 

There are over 626,000 parts in a Boeing 757 with about 600,000 bolts and rivets fastening them together and over 60 miles of wiring within each aircraft as well! It has flown distances of over 4,000 statute miles and the shortest route it has serviced was only 65 statute miles.  Pilots who fly the Boeing 757 can also fly the Boeing 767 without extra training as both types are so similar in terms of flying and procedures. The full motion Boeing 757 simulator can be used for Pilot simulator assessment preparation packages and Flight Simulator Experiences.

London Gatwick (Crawley) - Full Motion Level D: Boeing 757-200 & Boeing 757/767 Combi

Manchester - Full Motion Level D: Boeing 757/767 Combi