Four Hour Flight Simulation Experience

Four Hour Flight Experience - A320 & 737 £2100.00 (Other Aircraft Types POA).

The Four Hour Package is the most in-depth and exhilarating package available. Here we will have the opportunity to go through in detail, every stage of flight and will start with a quick brief before the session on the basics of the aircraft and other important information. You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want and our fully qualified pilot instructor will then take you to the simulator of the aircraft you have chosen and get you to fly your very own jet!

You will be at the controls right from the pushback at any airport of your choice and will get the opportunity to do all the pre take-off and taxi checks from engine starting to setting up the various systems onboard! When lined up and cleared for takeoff, we can get airborne and go through various manoeuvres to get a good understanding of how the aircraft handles and its behaviour in different stages of flight. Once you are comfortable, we will reposition again on the ground to do a few circuits in order to practice takeoffs and landings, and continue with a “Standard Instrument Departure” ,just like in real life, where we can use the various systems on board the aircraft to get you and your passengers to your chosen destination.

Once you get comfortable handling the aircraft, we can then test your skills at landing your big jet at any destination you choose! Some of our favourites are Heathrow, Gatwick, JKF, Hong Kong Kai Tak and many more! We will start your descent from our cruising altitude and go through all the various checks we need to do in order to prepare the aircraft for landing. We will then establish ourselves onto an initial approach where we show you how to navigate your way from point-to-point until we are ready to start our final approach and have a go at landing your very own jet! Don’t worry, you will have plenty of opportunities to perfect the art of landing and by the time you are done, we will have you landing like a pro using all the systems on board to help you just like the professionals do in bad weather! We will be able to do numerous take-offs and landings at destinations of your choice, and on your final landing, you as captain will taxi us to the gate and do all the after landing checks to get the aircraft ready for parking up and dropping your passengers off.

If you have an idea of you would like to do, let us know and we will do our best to fit it into the package you choose. We can even load different types of weather if you are brave enough! In any case, here at Jet Simulation we will make sure you leave having the experience of a life time and craving for more!