Corporate Entertainment | Jet Simulation

-Corporate management and client entertainment.
-Employee rewards and events.
-Team building and crisis management exercises.
-Christmas parties and special occasions.
-Multiple locations and a wide variety of aircraft types.
-Dates and times to suit your requirements (24/7).
-Fully qualified commercial pilot instructors.
-The most realistic simulators in the world.
-Food and drink Spreads available.

Here at Jet Simulation we can offer you amazing new possibilities for any occasion. You do not need any previous flying experience as all sessions will be conducted with your personal instructor who is a real world commercial pilot. They will provide you with all the information you require in the briefing beforehand and give you guidance throughout your flight when you are at the controls, therefore getting the most out of your experience you can. 

With our simulators worth over £10 million pounds each and certified to a Level D standard (the most realistic there is), you won’t be able to get a better experience or more realistic than this. You will be able to feel every bump on the runway and the turbulence you experience in flight. From the acceleration and the sinking feeling you get on takeoff, every single movement that you would experience in a real aircraft is replicated with our simulators right up to the breaking you feel on landing. With access to a wide range of Boeing and Airbus simulators across the UK, we have one of the largest simulator fleets in Europe. The experience can be tailored to your budget and the number of people in your group. 

We can cater for your corporate events, evening entertainment as well as Christmas parties and office events for incentives and rewards. We can also run team building, motivational and crises management exercises (such as engine failures, weather diversions or a passenger being unwell) to help your companies greatest asset, your staff to learn how to work together in a fun and different atmosphere. No matter what the occasion, we will make sure that you have a great staff day out with us! 

Jet Simulation also specialises in client entertainment and we are sure to be able to impress your customers with our full motion simulators! Just ask yourself this, how many of your customers or staff have experienced what it’s like to fly a passenger jet? We will be able to amaze them and you by the realism to the point where you will actually thing you are really flying! 

You’re the captain so it’s completely your choice what you wish to do in your time. We can perform as many takeoff's and landings we can fit into your session, or even perform actual routes that are flown in real life! It’s your choice where to take off and land, from flying out of Paris in the evening and come into land into London at night, or how about Hong Kong or Madeira? The possibilities are endless! 

For more information, please email us at
and send us some information about your company with a brief description of what you require, the group size, your budget and times to suit you.