Filming and Documentary with Jet Simulation

Over the years Jet Simulation has assisted and worked with various TV channels, film companies and presenters for numerous segments to do with aircraft and flying. We have worked on many productions on a wide range of aviation related subjects such as Fear of Flying, The Principles of Flight, Air Crash Investigation documentaries, Aircraft Incident documentaries, general and specific flying and training videos and much more. We are also able to provide experts on specific types of aircraft, such as Senior Training Captains who have flown for thousands of hours with some of the most prestigious airlines in the world. We are also able to provide crew for you to film operating the aircraft on a wide range of different aircraft types and locations.

Our Simulators will be able to replicate specific incidences and assist as training aids where we can talk to your viewer and presenter while flying the aircraft, demonstrating various aspects and stages of flight. We are able to set up specific weather conditions, airports and runways to suit your requirements in various Fixed Based or Full Motion simulators across the UK. Our Simulators have ample space in them for a crew to work efficiently and we can adjust various settings to suit your needs and comfort.  We are also able to reset our simulators very quickly so we can repeat segments without losing out on time. 

Here at Jet simulation we understand that there are budget restraints and we will be as cost effective as possible. We will make bespoke packages for each filming detail to make sure you get the most out of your time in the simulators. We will be able to book simulators for part of the filming to be done Full Motion and part Fixed Based giving you the best of both worlds with the financial saving as well. 

All our quotes will include a 1 hour briefing and 1 hour debriefing time in a dedicated separate room which will be reserved during the entire session and briefings, with the full size flight deck imagery to hand. The room will be reserved during your booking specifically for you, where your crew will be able to set up equipment and store their belongings safely beforehand and take their time in packing up afterwards, saving valuable flying time and getting the most out of your session. 

The briefing time can also be used for the presenter and film crew to sit down with Jet Simulation staff to go through in detail the profile and setup required so once we go in, filming can start immediately. We can also use the debriefing time to film some final To Camera shots such as interview questions or further detailed discussions.

All bookings of 4 hours and more will also come with complimentary snacks and drinks for your crew. We understand how long the day can become and the amount of work involved so will do our best to make it run as smoothly and effortlessly as possible.

Whatever your requirements, we at Jet Simulation will be able to cater a specific package for you in order to get the most out of your production. Please email us at with a description of your requirements, aircraft type required, Fixed Based/ Full motion or both, estimated hours required and time frame for filming. We will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail and have you fly with us.