JOC Courses

Jet Orientation Courses 

Our courses are designed to give you the CRM skills required to work effectively in today's modern flight decks. We have a team of professional, enthusiastic and experienced airline training instructors who are all either currently flying or are ex-airline captains with extensive flying experience. They have the knowledge of the aviation industry which will be passed onto you to give you the best opportunity possible. 

Our friendly instructors will introduce you to a wealth of information on crew co-operation, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and flight deck management. They will start off with basic Standard operating procedures during normal, non normal and emergency flight conditions which are explained in depth during the classroom phase, and then put into practise in the simulator. They will also be able to go through with you more advanced manoeuvres such as how to avoid and control Dutch Roll, Mach over speed, Jet Upset and stalling a commercial airliner.

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