Licence Proficiency Checks (LPC Renewals)

Jet Simulation can provide Licence proficiency checks (LPCs) on a number of different aircraft types including Airbus A320 series, Boeing 737-300/900, Boeing 757/767 and Boeing 777. We can provide LPCs at a number of locations and a time of your choice to suit your needs. We can provide you everything you require from such as airfield plates and a person to conduct Pilot Non Flying duties (for an additional fee). You also have the choice of booking your LPC with a friend and sharing the session in order to keep your renewal as cost effective as possible. 

Jet Simulation take pride in the fact that we have a group of highly experienced Examiners with years of experience in professional pilot training, that will be able to assist and conduct your LPC’s for you. We specialise in assisting pilots who have had their JAA/ EASA endorsement expire but are still in current flying practice on a foreign licence, and also pilots based more local who simply want a cost effective way of keeping their rating current.  Jet Simulation have had many pilots who fly for numerous airlines in the Middle East, South East Asia and the rest of the world who are either coming back to fly in the UK or simply just want to keep the option open for the future, come to us in order to keep their original licence valid. 

We understand that your SOPs can be very different to European airlines and will send you a pre-briefing pack on the basics of your LPC detail before the day. Our Examiners will be happy to assist you beforehand and all our LPCs include a 90 minute briefing before your simulator session to go through paperwork, the detail and any questions you may have. Our examiners are individually hand picked to make sure your LPC goes without a hitch and will do their best to calm any nerves beforehand, as they understand you may have specific concerns before your test. They will be happy to discuss them in order for you to be in the strongest position before your LPC. 

Please make sure before booking that you meet all JAR/ EASA licensing requirements in order for us to conduct your LPC without requiring a certificate of No Training Required. As the rules have recently changed with the implementation of EASA, we will be happy to discuss your questions with you for added piece of mind, however we strongly recommend that you contact the CAA with questions to your specific circumstances and get conformation directly from them in writing.