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Experience Testimonials

A wonderful experience, thanks.
Tony Emmerson - Burgess Hill: 19/07/2014
Excellent facility, great personnel and instructor. Thoroughly enjoyed my birthday experience!
James Press - Burgess Hill: 20/07/2014
Very useful session as assessment prep and very positive instruction! (5/5)
Greg Miller, BA Interview Preparation - Burgess Hill: 15/06/2014
Really good experience (5/5)
Lee Bedson - Burgess Hill: 15/06/2014
Loved it all! Unash was fantastic and put my mind to rest about flying. Thank you! (5/5)
 Carlotta Lynch - Burgess Hill: 13/06/2014
Well presented and professional. (5/5)
 John H Dednam - Boeing Crawley: 08/06/2014
Absolutely excellent in every way (5/5)
 Allan Potter - Burgess Hill: 31/05/2014
Had loads of fun, fantastic, thanks so much (5/5)
 Tina Betts - Southampton: 30/05/2014
Absolutely fantastic experience would heartily recommend it to others (5/5)
 Anthony Papaleontiou - Burgess Hill: 29/05/2014
Awesome great instructor great simulation and want to do it again for an hour next time (5/5)
 Steven Petzer - Burgess Hill: 24/05/2014
Fantastic instructor, made the whole experience very enjoyable, exceeding my expectations. Would definitely recommend to others. (5/5)
 Kevin Hudson - Southampton: 17/05/2014
Excellent instruction. Thanks! (5/5)
Andrew Cleair - Southampton: 11/05/2014
Amazing first sim flight!! Would recommend to everyone, even with no flight experience before this is a fantastic day for anyone!! (5/5)
 Mitchell Wren - Burgess Hill: 16/02/2014
Awesome flight simulator experience. Felt like a kid in a sweet shop! Will definitely be coming again and would recommend to any bloke who likes his toys ...... This is the ultimate 'boys toy'...... (5/5)
John Bennett- Southampton: 16/02/2014
My experience was very good and the instructors was very helpful. Thank you. (5/5)
First Officer Angelo Ardu- Burgess Hill 15/02/2014 HR and Technical Interview and simulator preparation course.
My expectations were exceeded. A great experience! (5/5)
Tomas Petrovcin-Burgess Hill: 12/02/2014
A memorable experience! (4/5)
Cliff Mitchell & Lucy Gough- Southampton: 11/02/2014
Initially at the booking stage, the simulator slots were changed quite a few times as a result of unavailability of the simulator. In this respect, Mr Daswani must be commended for what I would call, 'going out of his way' to rebook the slots, that was convenient for me.

As this was a pilot interview preparation course, Mr Daswani and his colleague provided me with invaluable assistance, both in the simulator and in the briefing/debriefing sessions. They ensured that I got the maximum out of these sessions. I will definitely recommend Jet Simulation Ltd to anyone I know who needs flight simulator training to prepare for an airline interview as a result of my experience here. (5/5)
Captain Michael Mendes: Gatwick 10/02/2014 (Emirates and Qatar Airways interview preparation)
Met all expectations, instructor was very patient and thorough (5/5)
Sian Heelam Mills- Burgess Hill 08/02/2014
The only thing I would improve is how you know when you are at your destination as it is not shown anywhere on the ground otherwise it was brilliant thank you. (5/5)
Vanessa Pride- Burgess Hill 08/02/2014
The instructor was fantastic!!!!!!! very informative, genuine guy and a all round brilliant instructor. Will definitely be coming back to do a pilot interview preparation course again. A big thank you to Gurcharan. (5/5)
Chris Smith- Southampton 02/02/2014 (OAA Interview preparation)
Just wanted to say how much my husband enjoyed his flight simulator experience on Saturday with Matt - he said it was really good fun and very realistic. I think he was surprised he managed to land it successfully each time! Matt and all the team at Burgess Hill were very professional and helpful. (5/5)
Holly Smith- Burgess Hill 25/01/2014
Fantastic experience - a 40th birthday present I will never forget. Now when I fly I can really imagine what is happening up the front. I never imagined a simulator could be so realistic. Truly mind blowing! (5/5)
Brendan May- Burgess Hill 12/01/2014
A fantastic experience, one that will probably need a top-up session (or two).  Thank you for a great chance to feel what the front end is like. (5/5)
Darren Goodchild- Burgess Hill 12/01/2014
I think it would be a good idea to send out an information pack to customers explaining the most important instruments prior to their experience. I loved the experience - Unash was a brilliant instructor who made the experience memorable and fun. (5/5)
Jeffrey Dossett- Burgess Hill 12/01/2014
I have no suggestions for improvement. The professionalism of the instructor, along with the briefing was first class. I am a private pilot so, whilst cognisant of many of the systems, it was my first exposure to that cockpit and environment. Unash helped me to feel comfortable and confident in my flying tasks. This flight simulator far surpasses what I was expecting and will be coming back again! (5/5)
Darren Boyd-Annells- Burgess Hill 11/01/2014
A Christmas gift that turned into a great experience for us both, we will be back. The instructor was superb taking time to explain the day and ensure we got the most from the experience (5/5)
Josh Wilmot- Burgess Hill 11/01/2014
Very good teaching style. Appreciative of the candidates needs and receptive to suggestions. (4/5)
First Officer Keelan Burke- Burgess Hill : 08/01/2014 BA Cityflyer Interview Preparation (got the job!)
A brilliant experience, we recommend this to everyone. Unash was the perfect instructor and tailored the experience to the age of the participant. (5/5)
Ronald Higginson (86 years young!)- Burgess Hill: 07/01/2014
Andy Holmes- Southampton: 07/01/2014
Good clear brief and debrief. The session was modified to my ability and good time management in the simulator maximising experience. A couple of minor problems with simulator as it's an older model [737-300] but overall  did not affect session. Overall a good session with lots of content. Thank you. (4/5)
First Officer Katie Marsdin- Burgess Hill : 06/01/2014 BA Cityflyer Interview Preparation (Got the job!)
The experience was out of this world and left me wanting more.  I'm looking forward to coming back - maybe next time I'll be tall enough to land a plane with less than 40 degree flaps and still see! I particularly enjoyed the feeling of taking off & landing. (5/5)
Ethan Hackett (13 years old)- Burgess Hill : 04/01/2014
Should have booked a longer period and would have benefited from own prior research on google etc (5/5)
Peter Granville Knight- Burgess Hill : 04/01/2014
All good! (4/5)
Camerlynck family- Burgess Hill : 03/02/2014
I liked the fact that the control yolk was stiff and hard to move like in real life they would be, the graphics on the screen are also really good (5/5)
Natsag Bayar (11 years old) - Burgess Hill : 03/01/2014
Wonderful session (5/5)
Peter Satchell- Burgess Hill : 02/01/2014
Was a brilliant experience! Well worth the travelling to get here, would recommend Jet Simulation to anyone! (5/5)
David Moore- Burgess Hill : 02/01/2014 (special surprise trip from Dublin)
That was brilliant! I would never have believed just how real that felt! (5/5)
Jason Barrett- Burgess Hill : 02/01/2014
I had a great time in the flight simulator. My instructor Unash is very competent, helpful and patient. I really hope to improve during my next sim session. (5/5)
Barsotti Francesco- Southampton: 27/12/2013 (Simulator refresher package A320)
Great intro to flying. Lots to take in but not an overload of info. Nice mix of seriousness and fun. Thank you very much! (5/5)
Steve Wright - Burgess Hill : 19/12/2013 (surprise Birthday present)
EDDK not in the data base so had to substitute with EGGW. However I managed to get the [engine out] practice I wanted. (4/5)
Captain Mike S - Southampton 18/12/2013: Simulator Refresher Package.
A fantastic flight simulator experience with great tuition from Unash. Would highly recommend and cant wait to come back!! (5/5)
Martin Lalley- Burgess Hill 18/12/2013
I did an A320 LST with Jet Simulation and had a very good experience.  The whole team are friendly, professional and knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend them.
First Officer Tam Tran- Southampton . Licence conversion from ICAO to EASA.
I have always wanted to fly a commercial aircraft so I did a quick search on google and discovered Jet Simulation. I gave them a call and book a session in a full motion flight simulator normally used to train pilots. I could not believe how realistic this simulator was. I could feel every bump jolt jerk and heave. The turbulence felt exactly the same as turbulence on a airliner.

Highly recommended. (5/5)
Tripadvisor comment- Visited September 2013
Excellent experience. Hope to come again. (5/5)
Matthew Watts- Burgess Hill 23/11/2013
Excellent briefing. Technical level was "right-sized" for me, was funny and approachable but still gave a professional and technically demanding experience. Loved it!! (5/5)
Dr Aydin Kurt Elli- Burgess Hill : 14/11/2013
Emma Marshall- Gatwick 09/11/2013: Command Preparation Sim Check
Thank you very much for today, was a great help. Some feedback notes to take home. Thoroughly enjoyed the sim. Thank you both again, I really appreciate all the help. (4/5)
James Dooley- Gatwick :07/11/2013. Interview and simulator preparation course.
This was a present for my 18th birthday as I've always had a passion for flying. I had an absolutely amazing experience I would recommend it to anyone! Thank you Unash! (5/5)
Ben Wiseman- Burgess Hill : 03/11/2013
Excellent introduction to the aircraft, very helpful preparation for the upcoming assessment. (5/5)
Paul Keenan- Burgess Hill 01/11/2013: Jet2 Interview Preperation
Thi Minh Tam Tran- Southampton 31/10/2013: LPC & Licence Conversion
Great experience, huge learning curve for me personally. Instructor was calming and concise, explained everything very clear. Learned a lot about what I wanted to know and had great fun whilst doing it! (5/5)
Nikki Jannsen- Gatwick 20/10/2013: Wizzair interview preparation (Got the Job).
Peter Marwood- Gatwick 17/10/2013
Dr. Kristian Thaller- Southampton 12/10/2013
Jackie Undy- Southampton 02/10/2013: Interview Preparation.
We had a GREAT time! Thank you! (5/5)
Gabbie Schweikert- 01/10/2013
An excellent experience.  Would highly recommend. (5/5)
Mitchell Simmonds- Burgess Hill 29/09/2013
Extraordinarily realistic! Serious, but fun. Highly recommended. The only way nowadays to get onto the flight deck. (5/5)
John Swan- Gatwick 23/09/2013
great training, so happy I did this! Got a great preparation for the big day! (5/5)
Iris De Kan- Southampton 09/09/2013: EZY Simulator Interview preparation (She got the job)
Absolutely great experience. Would strongly recommend to all flying enthusiasts. Thank you!
Maureen Benson- Southampton 08/09/2013
James Dobson- Burgess Hill 08/09/2013
[The instructor] was excellent - interesting and engaging pre-flight and great fun in the simulator. I will definitely do this again..and again.
Philip Cowan- Southampton 07/09/2013
(5/5) [Filming to demonstrate severe turbulence. No comment left]
Roberto Kovalick (Presenter Globo TV Brazil)- 05/09/2013
An amazing experience that everyone should try and one I will not forget - so unbelievably realistic. Far better than I expected. (5/5)
Blair Williamson- Burgess Hill 31/08/2013
Filip Wyganowski- Southampton 29/08/2013 (Channel 5 filming)
Overall it was a fantastic experience. Although there were a couple of blips it was more than made up for by being able to chat with [the instructor], who is extremely knowledgeable. Having a view of the Dreamliner sim was a bonus. (5/5)
Janice & Paul Hailey- London Gatwick 23/08/2013
Overall very worth while. With an enthusiastic instructor.
Paul Strudwicke- Burgess Hill 20/08/2013 (Simulator refresher package. Extended booking on the day by 30min)
[Group booking of seven people. All gave (5/5).  No comments left] 
Elaine Fairfax and family- Southampton 19/08/2013
Very friendly, knowledgeable and personable instructor. Great facilities - I would recommend this experience to anybody. (5/5)
Stuart Lowe- Southampton 17/08/2013
A fantastic experience lead by an excellent instructor. (5/5)
Peter & Graham Clitheroe- Southampton 16/08/2013
...Just a quick one to say thanks so much for all your help last week. The boys [Dick and Dom] really enjoyed it and we got some great footage!... 12/08/2013 (5/5)
Cherry Smedley: Researcher BBC "Absolute Genius with Dick & Dom"- Burgess Hill 01/08/2013
Excellent experience and excellent simulator. All the different parts of the cockpit and instructions for flying the plane was explained with detail. Great instruction too.

Best time of my life! (5/5)
James Chan- Burgess Hill 10/08/2013
"Fantastic tech, slickly set up and Unash has star quality! We got everything we wanted and more - thank you."- Mark: Director and Producer. (5/5)
Mark Reynaud: Director/ Producer BBC "Absolute Genius with Dick & Dom"- Burgess Hill 01/08/2013
All good - lots of fun! (4/5)
Frederik Albrechtsen- Burgess Hill 23/07/2013
The best experience in the whole world and safer than driving a car to which this is better than anything else. (5/5)
Nicholas Caplan- Southampton 20/03/2013
7 years ago I got a JAR FATPL and no MCC and tried very hard to find a job to unfreeze it; with some luck and stubbornness I got this job in Africa as a 737 first officer. After a nightmare with the CAA regulations that has now being sorted out, I realized even while being working as an FO I had a deadline for “yesterday” before I either lose all the hard work of the ground exams and end up with next to nothing in the job market, or unfreeze my ATPL and convert my ICAO type rating on a brand new Part-FCL ATPL. With that in mind the time I had was precious.

Most sim ATOs and companies failed to deliver timely answers and prices with some searching online I ended up on Jet Simulation web site and since that moment everything got sorted. This is a company that puts its cards on the table; the mobile phone number on the front page is [directed] to one of a pilot who s been through all the mazes. You will get your answer fast and you will be booked and take your LPC Renewal or skills test in no time. This company has a high sense of honesty and service. Even with all my worries and sometimes annoying regulatory and practical planning questions at late hours I always got the answer and always got sorted.

It is exactly what I needed, timely answers and booking with backup plans for every step to get the job done: medical, LPC, multiple simulators, examiners , pilot non flying ,CAA interpretation of rules, English level Proficiency check, hotels and transportation. Today I might say that my Part-FCL ATPL with a 737 type rating would have been seriously compromised without the effective and professional help of Jet Simulation. (5/5)
First Officer Eric O- Burgess Hill July 2013: 737 LPC, ICAO Level 6, ATPL Upgrade
Great Experience! (4/5)
Niaf Albaz- London Gatwick 14/06/2013 (Booked with less than 3 hours notice).
Despite changes [Edited to maintain 3rd party anonymity] Nash rectified the confusion very efficiently and I had an excellent flight experience and my guest thoroughly enjoyed flying with us. I will be pleased to recommend the company to friends. Thank you! (5/5)
John Williams- Bournemouth 06/06/2013
I'm writing this feedback for a HR interview preparation session I recently undertook with one of your instructors, to thank them for their professionalism, knowledge and dedication, all of which was of the highest order.

Prior to the session, the communication was fantastic and any queries I had with regards to the session were accommodated promptly. The conduct of the session was highly professional with my interviewer insisting on me treating it like a real interview, from the dress to the environment, all of which enhanced the experience and made it feel like a real interview. Questioning started off easy and got me into a talkative state and gradually the intensity was turned up right up to the point where I was struggling to come up with eloquent answers. When I was struggling, the interview was 'paused' and a punchy hot debrief was delivered which got me on track back on track not only with my answers but also my body language.

The debrief was comprehensive and gave me an opportunity to reflect on the more searching questions and how best to answer them in the actual interview. I had 4 days to digest the information before my actual interview.

On the day my actual interview, I walked in confident and let my personality shine knowing that I could answer the questions thrown at me. At this point I found that Jet simulation had actually over trained me and I was answering the most difficult questions with ease and quiet confidence. Also I was coming up with answers that I did not rehearse either, which I can only put down to the interview prep session with Jet Simulation.

I've now been shortlisted for the position I've applied for and once again I'd like to thank Jet simulation for conducting this course for me at such short notice. It has been a worthwhile investment into my future and I'd recommend it to anyone else with an upcoming interview without any hesitation. (5/5)
First Officer G.B. Singh- Interview Preparation Course 30/05/2013
I was very satisfied with the flight, I loved flying under the Gatwick bridge. I really enjoyed the landings and realism of the simulator. Unash Daswani, was a great instructor and I would be very happy to fly with him again. (4/5)
Anthony Challis- Burgess Hill 28/05/2013
Fantastic experience! Thank you. (5/5)
Kelvan Ince- Burgess Hill 25/05/2013
Will definitely look at other longer experiences for the future! (5/5)
Steve Ramsey- Burgess Hill 24/04/2013
.... I' m here to tell you about my satisfaction! So, I have called you very late, just one day before the date which we need the sim.... Please accept my apologise now! but you did your job superbly!!! You are very professional and efficient! Once in the sim centre in LGW we met Matthew, [our] sim instructor and operator... Good and polite guy! Very professional gave us a nice briefing about sim and emergency procedure of sim center. After that we went into sim and had a 1 hour flight with all our request well managed by Matt. Our satisfaction is more than 100%!!!! Congratulation for your job.... keep this high standard forever! (5/5)
First Officer Leonardo Micheli- Gatwick - 22/04/2013: Simulator refresher course. Flew in from Milan to fly with us with less than 24 hours notice. 
Would like to thank you for my fantastic experience in the Airbus A320 simulator on Saturday 13th April 2013.

I can now ignore what others gave me verbal abuse over my airline pilot career in the past and look forward in experiencing other aircraft types with you. Highly recommended! (5/5)
Nicholas Caplan- Southampton 14/04/2013
Super job, very well assisted with PNF/Sim driving duties allowing me to get the 'most' out of my allocated time. (5/5)
First Officer Andy Wood- Gatwick 04/04/2013: LPC preparation.
...Just dropping you a quick email to say that I passed the Norwegian selection and am just en-route to Oslo for my second week of the conversion course.

The sim check went well and was a little easier than I prepared for, as we were allowed to use the automatics for a decent proportion of the time. But, there is no doubt in my mind that the sim session with you had a big influence over the result, as I'd never flown the classic before... (4/5)
Captain Neil Waterton- Burgess Hill 03/03/2013: Interview preparation. He got the job.
Extremely well conducted with professional staff and equipment! (5/5)
Ross Colman- Burges Hill 09/03/2013: Pilot handling and practice course
I really enjoyed the experience -both exciting and reassuring! (5/5)
Karen Annis- Southampton 22/02/2013
A very good experience, would recommend it to my friends and will definitely be doing it again :) (5/5)
Nicholas Imbusi- Southampton 10/02/2012
I would like to thank you for unforgettable experience, flying Airbus A320. I really enjoy it and find a lot of informations what is going on in cockpit of A320. (5/5)
Boris Leskovar- Came especially from Slovenia to Southampton 23/10/2012
I was expecting a great experience from my flight in the Airbus A320 flight simulator and can happily say I was not disappointed.  Everything was delivered with a high degree of professionalism and humour. It felt great to take control of and fly a modern jet airliner, the flight deck, controls and visual graphics made it feel like the real thing. Even more exhilarating was to take it off and land it into one of the world’s busiest airports, Gatwick. Worth every penny of the relatively low cost to fly it.

Thank you Jet-Sim.
Ian Mille 
How much fun was that ? Just brilliant ! I’ve played with sim’s at other outfits but nothing compares to this experience. The instructors friendly helpfulness matched my ability to the flight-deck workload perfectly, which mean’t that I was able to extract the maximum benefit from my session. I’m coming back for more :)
Nigel Hole
I really enjoyed my experience with Jet-Sim. I have no flying experience and was a little nervous of being in charge of a plane but the instructor guided me through everything and explained everything I needed to know to be able to fly the Simulator. Having never flown a plane before the experience was well worth it and something I would love to do again.
Alice Pollard
"We have all heard how realistic the aircraft simulators are but I dont think there is anything that can prepare you for just how convincing and immersive the experience is!  I was lucky enough to have a 60 minute slot at the controls of an Airbus A320 and it was quite nerve wracking to hand fly the approach and I had to keep reminding myself it was a simulator! There was even a little turbulence! However, the instructor explained exactly how everything works beforehand and there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions before we got started. I had a great time and wouldn't think twice about recommending Jet-Sim to anyone looking for a simulator experience!"
Adam V
The purchase arrived on time and with no problems, especially considering how close to Christmas it was ordered."
Anonymous- 30 Minutes Boeing 737 – 200.
"A very professional seller who couldn't do enough to help I'd definately recommend this site to anyone wanting to buy a flight simulation experience."
Anonymous- 60 Minutes Boeing 747 – 200.
"I wanted to say thank you for making our session with you so interesting, insightful and fun. Unfortunately, my colleagues have got one up on me now and I will forever be known as ‘Bumpy’! I wish you great success in the future."
Roy Stansbury.
"Just a short note to say what a great experience flying the A320 simulator was. I have had a Private Pilots Licence for some 36 years and have always wanted to fly a big jet, now I have had that opportunity and it was well worth it. The motion and optics are so real it is difficult to perceive that you are in a simulator! The instructor was excellent and explained in detail the instruments and controls that I was not familiar with. I shall certainly be taking a further ride in this simulator!
Tony Sheppard
"WOW- what an amazing day I had!!! I have just passed my PPL and I'm considering taking my flying further, possibly an ATPL. I decided to have a go on a simulator to get a feel what the 'big stuff' would be like. What a great experience it was! I am so pleased that I decided to try my hand at flying the airbus. The simulator itself was amazing, I have obviously never been in the cockpit of a real one but everything looked 
and felt very realistic. The visuals were amazing, it really felt like I was flying out of Gatwick on a nil wind, sunny day and then at a touch of a button we were lining up at Geneva with snow and a cross wind! The instruction I received was second to none, my instructor (also Tom), was excellent, very informative, very knowledgeable and extremely helpful when asked other questions about how to further my career etc. I will definately be going back for a second session!!"
Tom Mathews

A fantastic experience with great tuition from Unash. Would highly recommend and can't wait to come back!! (5/5

A fantastic experience with great tuition from Unash. Would highly recommend and can't wait to come back!! (5/5

A fantastic experience with great tuition from Unash. Would highly recommend and can't wait to come back!! (5/5