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Flight Simulator Experiences

Have you ever wanted to experience flying a huge commercial jet airliner?

Now you can with our Full Motion Flight Simulator Experiences.

The unique experience to fly an ultra realistic full motion flight simulator worth £10-million.


Flight Simulator Experiences

The simulators are normally reserved to train commercial airline pilots. The UK Civil Aviation Authority have certified them to Level D, the most realistic Level there is.

The simulators are approved for Zero Flight Time training which means pilots do 100% of their training in the simulator and its so good, the first time they fly the real aircraft will be with passengers!


Flight simulators are advanced professional training devices, they need to be extremely realistic. Every light, switch, button, dial, control, instrument and all the bells and whistles is exactly the same as the real aircraft. There is no way of knowing the difference between the real aircraft and the simulator.


When flying the simulator you will feel every bump, jolt and rumble from the powerful motion system.

Each simulator rides on a powerful 6-axis motion system allowing the sensation of Pitch, Roll, Yaw and Heave.

We can simulate every flight condition from heavy turbulence to the sinking feeling in your stomach as the aircraft rotates on take off. There’s a reason you must wear a seatbelt!


Any direction you look out of the windscreen you will see amazingly realistic scenery.

Every simulator is equipped with an extremely realistic wrap around visual system.
We can locate the simulator anywhere in the world; maybe you would like to see the metropolis of New York City or fly amongst the scenic Himalayan Mountains.

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We operate 33 Full Motion and 2 Fixed Based flight simulators at eight professional simulator centres across the United Kingdom. 

Locations include:

  • Southampton
  • Burgess Hill (Two locations near London Gatwick airport)
  • London Gatwick (Two locations in Crawley)
  • Manchester

Aircraft Types

We offer a wide variety of Boeing, Airbus and Embraer simulators. Have a look at the
Locations and Simulators page for more.

Instructors / Pilots


All Jet Simulation’s instructors are highly qualified pilots with 1000s of hours flying experience.

Our instructors are there to help and guide you through your experience; they will answer any questions and run your experience just the way you want.

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Anyone can take part


A Jet Simulation flight simulator experience will be an amazing experience for anyone.

We have had guests as young as 14 and as old as 90 including:

  • Budding pilots
  • Aviation enthusiasts
  • Thrill seekers
  • Private pilots
  • Families
  • Corporate events and entertainment
  • Various TV channels

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Perfect Gift / Gift Vouchers


Give some one special the experience of becoming an airline pilot for the day.

Our truly unique flight simulator experiences will make the perfect gift. We will send you a classy professional gift voucher.

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With 33 simulators across eight professional simulator centres you won't have any problems redeeming your Gift Voucher.

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